Lillian Lorraine Yonally, 43-7

I was born on May 5, 1922, in Lynn, Massachusetts.

I became interested in flying from my flight over the Ameri can Cup Races off Newport, Rhode Island, viewing the Rainbow and Endeavor. Shortly thereafter I flew to New York City from Roch ester, Maine, same small four-seater and pilot and was allowed to “co-pilot.” I began taking lessons, same pilot, in a small cow pasture J-3 Cub in 1940. I got my private pilot license, on September 7, 1941. I became an air traffic control tower operator April 26, 1943, at Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation.

I entered the WASP in class 43-7 and I was stationed at AAF B-25 transition training school, Mather Field, Sacramento, California, January 19, 1944, twin engine instrument quali fied. January 19, 1944, I was sent to 4th Air Force, 7th Tow Target Squadron, March Field, California. I flew training PT-19, BT-15, AT-6 andAT-17. Transition B-25. I also flew AT- 1 1, AT 7, RA-33, RB-27, UC-78, RA-24 A & B, RA-25, BT-13, TB-26, AT-23A and UC-45F. I went to Tactical Center, Orlando, Florida, AAFSAT, August, 1944 for special training, then to Hamilton Field, California.

After deactivation, I worked at Sperry Gyroscope Co., Mineola, New York, in engineering and later as secretary to Director of Aeronautical Engineering there. I bought a small single ­engine with radio with three engineers, allowing trips to Massachusetts every fourth weekend. I lived at Roosevelt Field Inn.
Later I married James Marvin Yonally, who had been based at Camp Haan, California, in coast artillery anti-aircraft. (He was in charge of the battery that fired at the sleeve I was towing at Camp Irwin in the Mohave Desert.) We had six children, and I have 12 grandchildren.

I’ve worked for two lawyers, and for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Labor for 22 years as a data collector for the CPI, part-time, retired January 3, 1998. After my hus band died in 1978, I operated our liquor store until 1989.

I’ve given talks and shown colored slides I took and some of those are on file at the air base in Dayton, Ohio. I went to Israel in 1982, have been to England and France.

My family ranges from near Phoenix to both Carolinas, In diana and New York, and I enjoy visits in all directions, includ ing a yearly stay at Pico Beach in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, where I grew up. I have been to several reunions and to Oshkosh.

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