Meredith Rolfe Campbell 43-6

Some of the WASP’s from Avenger Field had to use their parachutes and Sweetwater resident H.B. Stevens used to pack their parachutes for them. In fact WASP trainee Meredith Rolfe Campbell made a successful jump with one of the chutes prepared by Stevens. In reference to Campbell’s jump, Stevens said during an interview on Sept 25, 2000, “I have a plaque for the jump. I never could get out of it whether she jumped or fell out. Those cockpits were open at the top.” Stevens remembered that the airplane from which Campbell jumped or fell was a biplane, so it was probably a Stearman PT-17. The other primary trainer was a PT-19, which was a mono-plane.

The Pioneer Parachute Company sent Stevens the plaque commemoration the successful use of one of their parachutes b Meredith Rolfe Campbell, but the plaque shows her last name as Rolfe since she had not et married. The plaque also mentions Campbell’s a member of the Caterpiller Club,  a club consisting of pilots who had successfully bailed out of airplanes in emergency situations.

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