Alyce Stevens Rohrer 44-4

Alyce Stevens Rohrer’s served as a WASP during World War II. After discharge she became a teacher at Nanzan University in Japan and later at Arroyo High School in El Monte, California and remained there until retirement. Currently she writes novels and short stories and resides in Pasadena, California.

She has written a book called Girls of Avenger, which is summarized below:

For thirty-five years they were one of the best kept secrets of World War II. Now, read about the WASP -Women Airforce Service Pilots. The time is l942 to l945, and the setting is Avenger Field, Texas where these women were trained to fly military aircraft. The story revolves around the experiences of one class, 44-W-4. Events and experiences reported all actually happened, (but the names of the women are fictional), and they are told by an author who was a WASP.

“My new book about the WASP is a ficitionalized story of all the training we went through from the time we were recruited to the time we graduated. The names of the girls are all fictionlized, but the names of national leaders and establishment officers are not. It therefore can be called a historical novel.”   – Alyce Stevens Rohrer

Click for excerpts from the “Girls of Avenger.”

Other Books that Alyce has written:
The Revenant
The True Believers

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