Mildred Jane Doyle 44-4

 As a young child, seeing ‘Lucky’ Lindbergh and ‘Wrong Way’ Corrigan tweaked this young girl’s interest in aviation. In high school, Jane’s music teacher (a pilot in the 20s) kept that interest alive. While attending Grand Rapids Community College, she entered the Government’s Civilian Pilot Training program and got her private pilot’s license, but when she attended the U of Michigan, no girls were allowed in the advanced CPT program, so she flew as a member of the Civil Air Patrol. Jane played the French horn in the U of Michigan’s Marching Band, and was one of the first female members allowed to wear slacks! She finished college in the summer of ’43 so she could enter the flying training program for women pilots at Avenger in the fall. After training for seven months, she graduated and was assigned to Freeman Field in Seymour, Indiana as a maintenance test pilot on AT-10s. There she met and married a young AAF Major, who was a fellow pilot. After her children went away to college, she was a teacher’s aide for visually impaired children for several years and began painting in water-colors, which had always been her passion. She is a very successful, professional artist.

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