Here are some reactions from WASP who are signed up for this incredible mission:

“I never thought I would fly back into Avenger again.”
Jean McCreery 44-10

“Can’t we go to Avenger while we are in Texas?”
Sylvia Burrill 44-7

“Haven’t been back since I left in ‘44″
Barry Smith 44-6

“I’ve flown that route many, many times…I was the first class to arrive and graduate from Avenger. We experienced the changeover and watched the field evolve from men to women and became the 1st all women training field. It was the most exciting time of my life. I have such great memories of the town of Sweetwater and the wonderful people who were so kind to the young women there.”
Helen W. Snapp 43-4

“Sounds so exciting, bet you are all filled up already”
Dawn Seymour 43-5

“Count us in if I’m up to it!” (She is 96, and a Ziegfield follies girl).
Julie Stege 44-3

“Hats off to you from all of us gals and thanks”
Bee Hadyu- 44-7

“You should have seen me in that AT-6″
Ruth Guhse- 44-10

“I can’t believe we are going back to Avenger”
Lorraine Rodgers 44-2

“I was the first class into Sweetwater and to revisit would be exquisite! WHAT A WONDERFUL THING TO DO, OUR HEARTS ARE FULL..THANK YOU !”
Edna Davis 43-5

“I would love to fly into Sweetwater again!”
Alyce Stevens Rohrer 44-4

“I’m sure that I can not adequately express what it will mean to me to once again fly into Avenger Field. There are so many memories that you and the volunteer pilots, all unselfishly investing time and equipment, will make vivid for me. Chief among them was that first day, November 1, 1944, reporting for duty at Avenger Field after months of waiting eagerly to serve my Country. I had heard about the Wasps in 1943, my senior year at SMU, pursued the interview process and proceeded to complete the 35 hours of flying time required and to take the Army physical. These necessary steps seem to take place in slow motion. Setting foot on Avenger soil that first day meant I could finally pitch in to do my share in supporting the war efforts of the Nation. Certainly as momentous, are the memories of being so thankful that I worked and trained with hundreds of bright, beautiful and brave women. Many of the friendships formed at Avenger have been life long. I am eager to see some of those women and to celebrate those who can not be with us. Thank you for this tremendous gift. “
Madge Leon Moore 44-4

“I would like to see how it has all changed.”
Sylvia Clayton 43-5

“I have just confirmed my flights to Dallas….Now I’m getting excited.”
Jean Harman 44-9